LGT’s journey of change reflected in annual review

January 28, 2022

London Gypsies and Travellers has marked a year of achievement in the face of serious challenges with its 2021 Annual Report, launched this week at the LGT Annual General Meeting.

The report emphasises how LGT’s work to support and empower has continued undaunted by successive waves of coronavirus and in the face of continuing prejudice and discrimination. As LGT Chair Sarah Taylor says in her introduction: “Gypsies and Travellers have been resilient and united in fighting challenges, ranging from negative media portrayals and oppressive central government legislation to everyday instances of prejudice locally.”

“We have provided a positive alternative message, sharing the community’s identity and culture with pride and confidence.”

Both the Annual Report and the Annual General Meeting were informed by LGT’s work on its vision of change completed over the year. Debby Kennett explained to the AGM how LGT is working to achieve change in three areas: change for the Gypsy and Traveller community, change on larger policy and strategy matters and change within the organisation.

The Annual Report, she said, was a tribute to those who have shared their stories and been part of this journey of change: “Those who have continued to fight for better housing and sites, young people’s stories of making choices for their lives, those who have overcome huge personal challenges, and those who have kept on talking to politicians, asking them to use their power to make change happen for Gypsies and Traveller in London.”

During the AGM, LGT staff presented a film short film entitled “Journey of Change” summarising the year’s work.

The 2021 Annual Report is available for download.



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