The team

We are a proud and energetic organisation – built around a Board of Trustees and a team of committed staff

The chief executives have consistently introduced new ideas which promise to improve the running of the organisation…  The staff have continued to work incredibly hard and kept the trustees informed.

Co Chairs Anthea Wormington and Marion Mahoney, writing in the 2016 annual report



Debby Kennett

Chief Executive Officer and Community Development Coordinator

“I am responsible for the overall vision, strategy and management of LGT, working with staff and trustees to ensure we continue to be a vibrant, effective and sustainable organisation. I am proud of our expert and committed staff team and our longstanding partnership with Gypsies and Travellers who have been involved with our work over many years.”


Yva Alexandrova Meadway


“My role is to develop partnerships that allow LGT to better support and empower the Gypsy and Traveller community, so that they can be active in society. I also work to develop links with the wider equality and inclusion debate and build evidence to influence local and national policy.”


Ilinca Diaconescu

Policy Officer

“I coordinate LGT’s strategic policy work, seeking to increase opportunities for Gypsies and Travellers in London to have a say in decisions that affect them –particularly in terms of housing, planning and health inequalities. My work aims to gain recognition of the community’s knowledge and expertise, which is essential in order to achieve fair and inclusive policies.”


Tracie Giles

Community Campaigner

“I work in the community development team. I’m a Romany Gypsy and activist and I came to my current job through my own personal situation of being evicted from my home/site. I work alongside my colleagues on campaigning and lobbying government for equality and inclusion of my culture.”


Clemmie James

Community Development and Campaigns Officer

“My work involves working with families, and working for social equality and justice. I support community-led campaigns at local, city and national level. ”


Geraldine Lindsay

Skills Development Co-ordinator

“My role is to increase self-confidence and independence within the community through skills, basic IT and literacy training. I work with individuals and families so that they can manage their own affairs more effectively and create pathways into employment.”

Board of Trustees

  • Marian Mahoney (Co Chair)

Resident on Old Willow Close site in Tower Hamlets, secretary to the site residents group and actively involved in LGT’s campaigns for many years.

  • Stephen Cottle (Co Chair)

Barrister at the Garden Court Chambers where he has represented many Gypsies and Travellers, challenging planning and eviction decisions.

  • Anthea Wormington

Formerly co-coordinator of Newham Traveller Education service, President of the National Association of Teachers of Travellers and other Professionals and Treasurer of ACERT.

  • Sarah Taylor

Senior Analyst in the National Audit Office’s tax and benefits team, assessing the implementation of policies and organisational changes.

  • Tunji Makanju (Treasurer)

Finance Manager at the Fairtrade Foundation.

  • Tessa Buchanan

Barrister at Garden Court Chambers practising in the fields of housing, homelessness, community care, mental health, and education.

  • Claire Cooper

Formerly a senior civil servant in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Department for Communities and Local Government and the Home Office.

  • Holly-Gale Millette

A university lecturer and academic specialising in cultures and identity. A member of ACERT and the National Bargee Travellers Association (NBTA), she researches the cultural history of the Bargee Traveller.



  • BBC Children in Need
  • Irish Government Emigrant Support Programme
  • Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
  • Lloyds Bank Foundation
  • London Borough of Hackney
  • The Cabinet Office’s Local Sustainability Fund
  • Trust for London
  • The Tudor Trust