Building a new voice in Bromley

April 17, 2023

A new LGT project is bringing together Gypsy and Traveller Bromley residents on sites and in housing to build a collective voice, gain recognition and improve support from the local council and other organisations.

The Bromley Community Project aims to support Gypsy and Traveller people to have more say in the issues that concern them, such as accommodation need and accessing services. Within its first six months, the project has already built relationships with community members living on sites and in bricks and mortar, set up community meetings and made links with other organisations. It is now securing shop space to provide a welcoming environment for community members.

Soon it will be supporting community groups to liaise with the local authority and other services, and providing training for community members who are interested in taking active roles in bringing about change.

“There has been no community infrastructure locally supporting the community in the borough since the closure of the Bromley Gypsy and Traveller Project in 2013,” says Tom Margetson, LGT’s Community Development Worker. “Bromley Gypsy and Traveller residents have indicated that the closure of the service has left a huge gap”.

“We want to develop networks for Gypsy and Traveller communities in the borough, building capacity to organise effectively and strengthen the voice of Gypsy and Traveller residents seeking positive change.”

LGT is currently recruiting a Community Engagement Worker for the project, to reach out to Gypsy and Traveller residents across Bromley. If you are interested, contact Tom Margetson

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