Work & skills

We can support people find new skills and pathways into employment

Adult training

Gypsies and Travellers are at a huge disadvantage in the job market due their lack of information technology and literacy skills. We provide these skills through our Step Forward project, which aims to support traditional trades and create new pathways into employment.

We have developed an informal and student-led approach to our training based on “learning by doing”. Many students have had negative past experiences of formal education but respond well to a supportive and relaxed environment where they can learn from one another and become motivated to learn.

The long tradition of self- reliance within the community means we particularly focus on self-employment.

Watch the inspiring stories of women who feel the project has given them a second chance.

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Young people training

Many young Gypsies and Travellers reach adulthood with very few choices or opportunities to achieve their potential. Low levels of education are a major block, and we support all efforts to keep young Gypsies and Travellers at school or college.

But young men and women from these communities also need:

  • skills they can use within their own community;
  • employment;
  • engaging courses that don’t focus on their lower levels of literacy;
  • training providers who understand something about their specific needs and cultural constraints.

So, working with community colleges and companies in London, we provide age-appropriate training programmes of life and vocational skills to provide direction during the transition to adulthood.

Recent vocational work with young men and women aged 15-19 includes:

  • six week vocational taster courses in fashion design
  • supporting young people through City and Guilds examinations
  • vocational courses in using metalworking machinery
  • training programmes in landscape gardening

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I have learnt that I really want to do this for my future. I did not think I could do this, but now I know I can. I want to go back to college and make a proper future for myself.

16-year-old participant in vocational course