LGT’s impact marked in report and new film

February 12, 2024

LGT’s achievements over 25 years as an independent charity are marked in its 2023 Annual Report and a new film charting the organisation’s history and impact.

“Throughout this time, LGT has consistently fought for equality and against discrimination, and been dedicated to keeping Gypsies and Travellers included in the decisions that affect them,” writes Helena Kiely-Savin, Chair of Trustees, in her introduction to the Annual Report.

The report notes that during 2023, LGT worked to support 665 individuals in 31 London boroughs, and 47 outside London providing advocacy and advice, youth development and community development. This was 113 more people supported than in 2022.

Many of those people reported improved knowledge of rights and services, and improved skills and confidence, as a result of their interaction with LGT.

And, in a new film released to coincide with the annual report and the LGT Annual General Meeting last week, Gypsies and Travellers talk about the impact the organisation has had on their lives – from the launch of a children’s playbus in 1987 (pictured), though its establishment as an independent charity in 1998, through the development of its youth work and accommodation advice service, to its campaigning for more sites, recognition and the right to travel.

“It’s a joy for us to know the campaigns are working,” says LGT Vice Chair Marian Mahoney in the film.

Helena Kiely-Savin writes in the annual report: “At one end of the scale, LGT has consistently supported community members facing everyday challenges. At the other it has opposed damaging policy and legislation changes at the highest level. We can look back at the many campaigns that Gypsies and Travellers have been involved in over 25 years and feel proud that we have raised our voices at crucial times when under threat.”

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